At first, there were two. Shar Behzadian and Jerry McCann were just two travelers who met in San Francisco. They bonded over travel stories of Kenya & Iran among other places of the world they admired and eventually decided to re-create it for others. From there, they sent out a wolf cry, a call that had an unprecedented response to build up Travel Tribe.
Travel Tribe leads transformational journeys co-created by local facilitators, artists and indigenous community. We recruit curious travelers as trip leaders to create income for location independent travelers & scale global citizenship. 

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Choosing co-creation over competition for a stronger community and the way to spread local impact & transformational travel.

Our Journeys are Designed to be an Open Canvas for Local Creators. The Local Artists, Facilitators & Indigenous Community Co-Create the Itinerary to Ensure that The Travelers Experience The Wisdom & Essence of Every Community.


Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

We Believe in A Borderless World and Seek to Create Transformational Opportunities to Awaken Borderless Minds and Co-Create A Borderless World With Our Tribe of Travelers.


Connecting through Ritual & Art.

By Changing The Ways We Gather, We Practice Local Rituals, Connect With Local Ancestors & Create Art in the Local Ways. This Enables us to Experience Oneness With The People of The World. Then, We Travel & Spread The Word to Others.